How Many Animals // 2019
From How Many Animals

As a Creative at BrandBase I worked on the concept and launch of sock brand How Many Animals.

When the news broke that the last male northern white rhino died, we felt like we had to do something to support protection of endangered animals.

With How Many Animals we are creating a way to attract attention and contribute to a good cause. How Many Animals is a sustainable sock collection in which endangered species all get their own eye-catching visual and design. Each design is unique, each design presents key information about the specific animal and how many of its species are left. In this way we raise awareness amongst wearers of How Many Animals and everybody who spots these socks ‘in the wild’.

Part of the proceeds of How Many Animals will be donated to initiatives that make a difference (Sea Shepherd, The Thin Green Line and Traffic). The collection is available on the website, in Dutch luxury department store de Bijenkorf and more locations are soon to be announced.